Teaching AI Ethics: Beginner Series

Image from the original AI ethics post - The multitudinous seas incarnadine. Generated in midjourney.

The Teaching AI Ethics series is a collection of articles on the many ethical concerns of Artificial Intelligence as a technology and an industry. In this series I offer practical advice on how to teach AI through an ethical lens, including discussing AI ethics from the perspective of multiple subject disciplines.

When I wrote the original blog post on Teaching AI Ethics, I divided the ethical concerns into nine areas split across three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I’ve tried to capture some of the complexity of these ethical issues, and have also ordered them based on how accessible the information is.

Each article includes an overview of the ethical concern, a case study, and a series of provocations for different subject areas.

This is the beginner level series of articles on Teaching AI Ethics:

Next week, I’ll start to publish the intermediate level of articles, which covers copyright, privacy, and datafication.

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