English Faculty Consultancy: Creating a Culture of Reading

Clare Mackie – Haileybury Head of English and Victorian Academy Master Teacher of English. Leon has been an invaluable asset in supporting our team in challenging preconceived assumptions about the way to approach teaching texts in an English classroom, and increasing capacity and efficacy in aspiring for a more student focused and skills based method. His manner is approachable and engaging, and through providing a balance between theory and practical strategies, all teachers feel empowered to make change in their pedagogy.

Praise for Practical Reading Strategies

Liam Bassett -Westbourne Grammar School

“A great resource for English teachers and any teacher looking to facilitate the development of reading strategies… I love that there’s a clear intention for the strategies and your passion for literacy and teaching shines through”

Adam Gordon –
St. John’s Regional College

“We have successfully used [the Reading Strategies] across a variety of subjects as part of a whole-school literacy program”

Nat Gleeson –
St. Francis Xavier

“Leon is an incredible educator… If you’re new to teaching I can’t recommend this book enough.”

Fiona Simmonds –
Port Melbourne Secondary College

“Practical Reading Strategies just arrived on my doorstep and I’m binge reading! Loving it!”

Grace Frith –
Early Career Teacher NSW

“I particularly like the way Leon shows teachers how to help students make connections between texts and their own experiences, their knowledge of the world, and other texts.”

Ben White –
Monivae College Hamilton

“The line by line visualisation task is an absolute winner…Really drove home HOW the author created the post-apocalyptic atmosphere.”

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