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Finding quality resources for Generative AI in education can be hard. To make things easier, I’ve organised my most popular blog posts and resources into these collections:

Thanks to Leon’s expertise and dedication, our school now has a clear and well-informed Generative AI policy that serves as a foundation for responsible usage of generative AI. We are immensely grateful for Leon’s contributions and highly recommend his services to any educational institution seeking to navigate the exciting but complex world of Generative AI technology.

Travis Parker – Associate Principal – The Knox School

About Leon

As a secondary and tertiary educator for over fifteen years, I understand the complexities of schools and universities. I’m also a parent, and deeply concerned with how education continues to change to keep up with technological and societal shifts.

As a PhD Candidate studying Generative AI in education, I’m interested in the ethical and practical implications of GAI. To help navigate the complexities of GAI, I work with schools, universities, and education providers through professional learning, policy, and advisory services.

Leon has been a valuable presenter and panelist with our Secondary English teachers in the Teaching Excellence Program. We have appreciated his thought-provoking perspectives on the emerging and ongoing impact of generative AI in thinking about the future of English teaching. He also presented a very valuable workshop to our teachers on inclusive practices for neurodiverse students in the classroom. Leon is an engaging and intelligent speaker, whose lived experience in the classroom enables him to speak on a range of topics with authority and humanity.
Fiona Atkin and Meg Brydon, 2023 Master Teachers (English), Teaching Excellence Program, The Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership

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