Teachers as Writers: Term 4 Professional Learning

Last term I wrote a three part series of posts reflecting on the importance of teachers as writers.

In part one I talked about writing for an audience – whether that’s students, teachers, or the general public.

Part two focused on the various kinds of writing teachers might engage in, from classroom modelling through to academic journals and book publishing.

Finally, in part three I looked at what it takes to feel comfortable calling yourself an author, and outlined a process for getting published.

I received a lot of emails and messages from teachers who appreciated the details, especially about how to go from classroom teaching to writing for a wider audience. The feedback was split almost 50/50 between people who wanted to know more about classroom modelling, and those who are keen to start getting their work out there in public, either in journals or through publishing. So, in Term 4, I’m going to put together two Professional Learning opportunities:

Classroom modelling

This session, suitable for teachers in any subject, will cover the importance of modelling writing in the classroom, and how to build confidence when writing in front of students. It means getting comfortable making mistakes! Even for teachers, writing in front of an audience can be an intimidating task. This workshop will be developed around making the whole process easier, more fun, and highly beneficial for students who get to see you modelling the kind of writing you expect from them.

Publishing for teachers

This workshop will focus on the various ways teachers can get their ideas out there, from journals to trade and association magazines, conference abstracts to books. It will include time for brainstorming and working on ideas, advice on how to pitch to publishers, and support in getting your writing published. I’ll also work with participants on their current writing project to help get them to publication, whether it’s a journal article, books, or something else.

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