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One of the best conversations to be involved in as an English teacher right now is the rising push back against formulaic writing structures like TEEL.

The problem is, it’s become so entrenched it’s hard to find alternatives. I’m putting together a free PDF collection of writing samples that break out of the formula.

As teachers, we produce a lot of modelled writing for students. If you’ve produced essays, paragraphs, or responses to texts which don’t rely on TEEL, I’d love you to share them.

Because modelling is so important, I’d also love to see examples of writing in any style. My colleague Ben White and I are coauthoring our next book, Practical Writing Strategies, and we’re looking for models of essays, creative pieces, and persuasive pieces written by teachers.

If you’re interested in sharing your writing, either as part of the free PDF collection or the book, please show us what you’ve got!

Send your submissions here

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