Practical Strategies for ChatGPT in Education: Live Webinar


Join us for the live webinar of Practical Strategies for ChatGPT in Education, and learn how to use ChatGPT for planning, refreshing old units, improvising, personalising, collaborating, and communicating.



This is a recording of the live webinar Practical Strategies for ChatGPT in Education.

Join me for a dynamic and interactive online session where you will discover the potential of ChatGPT in education. From the basics to advanced applications, this course is designed for educators who want to harness the power of AI technology and elevate their teaching practices.

Explore six key strategies for using ChatGPT in education:

  1. Planning
  2. Refreshing
  3. Improvising
  4. Personalising
  5. Collaborating
  6. Communicating

See real-life examples of ChatGPT prompts for each area, and learn how to craft effective prompts of your own.

Additionally, this session will delve into the ethical considerations surrounding AI in education, empowering educators at all levels to confidently integrate these technologies into their classrooms.

For educators at all levels interested in these new AI technologies.

This session was recorded live on February 16th 2023.


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